Your Test-Drive Checklist

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When you head to a car dealership in Cambridge in hopes of test-driving some noteworthy models, it's always important to have a mental checklist to ensure that you really get a sense of the car.

Of course, driving the car will give you a lot of information on whether the car is for you but there are a lot of smaller details you may miss if you only focus on the road! Here are a few things to think about when test-driving a car at your local car dealership in Cambridge.

Pay attention to the interior space

When you get into the vehicle, make sure you can sit comfortably. Don't be afraid to take some time to adjust the seats, look at the features and get a sense of how the space makes you feel.

If you feel cramped or you have to back the seat so far out that it could possibly compromise on backseat space, you might want to consider that as a red flag!

Things to look for and consider:

* Passenger space
* Trunk or cargo space
* Head, hip and leg room
* Seat functions and capabilities
* Quality of interior design

Comfort while driving

Now that you've examined how comfortable it is sitting stationary, once you get on the road, make sure to get a feel for it's driveability. It's always a good idea to know what you'll be using the car for - whether it's long road trips to the cottage or everyday city driving so you can imagine driving in those scenarios.

Things to look for and consider:

* How comfortable do you feel when you drive? (think about acceleration, power, smoothness)
* How is the suspension / tires?
* Is it a soft ride or is it a little rough?
* How well positioned are you while driving? (low to the ground, mid or high)
* Noise levels
* Visibility
* Steering and handling

Some of the best ways to test-drive cars is to play around with all of the functions of your car. Try out the sound system, turn on the heating or AC and get to know the various features offered.

If you're concerned about any particular features or have any must-haves, communicate to your car specialist so that they understand what your needs are prior to the test-drive. That way, you can increase your chances of finding your ideal vehicle.

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